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The investment in private energy facilities is now being promoted with the special Energy Loan , which includes special conditions for the construction, expansion and installation of renewable energy facilities.

The motivation of many real estate owners to invest in their own private energy plant is based primarily on the fact that the energy is becoming increasingly expensive and so expect private energy systems very quickly.

Another reason is the civic contribution to environmental protection and climate protection, because with each installed energy system, which relies on renewable energy, less nuclear power (nuclear energy) is needed and through the multitude of private renewable energy plants is piece by piece with each one Plant requires less nuclear power.

Of course, the main argument in investing in a private renewable energy own energy plant is above all the independence of energy suppliers and, of course, the cost savings in energy costs.

So consumers and citizens, this investment is possible that first requires a lot of capital, provides the energy loans specifically for this investment the energy credit available.

The personal conditions from the energy loan can be requested free of charge. On the basis of the personal request, the consumer receives his personal special energy loan offer sent directly home.

Renewable (renewable) private energy installations include:
Photovoltaic systems = energy production from solar energy
solar thermal systems = conversion of solar energy into usable thermal energy
Heat pump = energy from geothermal energy
Pellet heating = energy production from wood-compacted fuel