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Paralympic medalists in Pyeongchang say they are happy with the media “craze” for their exploits. Beautiful pictures of “real” competitions! The opportunity to give birth to vocations, even in schools?

A week after leaving Pyeongchang, a record harvest of medals around the neck, the French Paralympic delegation welcomed on 24 March 2018 in Chamrousse (Isère) ” the infatuation ” around their exploits through the media coverage of the competition . After the “huge step forward” made in 2014 in Sochi (Russia), where the Paralympic Winter Games had been broadcast for the first time, all the medalists and their staff have welcomed this media continuity, which is still ” amplified ” in Korea. “

Train young athletes

” We hope, of course, that our performances will have helped to raise awareness and provoke vocations,” said Christian Femy, the ski and snowboard sports director of the French Handicap Federation (FFH). “The problem is that our disciplines are very technical, so we need to have very specific structures to train young athletes with very different profiles because of their disability.” But we can not today respond to all of them. the requests, “he laments. The coach of the tricolor athletes recalls that for four years, the means at their disposal have ” professionalized ” but they still have to grow ” at the base”, in schools, ” where we still lack expertise on the subject. handisport “. ” We should also be more often associated with the structures of the valid to advance,” he adds.

Career in skiing

” We are no longer disabled people who play sports but athletes who have a disability,” says Benjamin Daviet, five-time medalist, praising ” the beautiful image conveyed” at the Games. The French delegation also hopes that the media coverage of his exploits, and in particular those of Marie Bochet, quadruple gold medalist in Pyeongchang, has allowed the general public to become familiar with the different forms of disability. Benjamin Daviet emphasizes the ” educational ” dimension of the comments of France Télévisions journalists, who knew how to “explain things” . ” Today, there is more spectator expertise, and people have realized that real competitions are taking place,” said Thomas Clarion, a cross-country gold and bronze medalist. ” Today young disabled people can make a career in skiing, before that was impossible. “