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Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson plays Sandermosen’s Emo Festival. Photo: Erlend Laanke Solbu


To be one of the country’s best post rock bands when they debuted with the still-eyed album “Unnoticeable in a Tiny Town, Invisible in the City,” the Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson showed that they still write magic songs with the EP “Small Changes We Hardly Notice “In 2012. The EP is another example of their turn away from post rock and more against midwest emo. So what’s better than YPOF playing at Sandermosen Emofestival, who wants to focus on the abuse of the emo genre for the past 15 years, and can promise an environment free of self-harm with long-colored brows and nail clothes. Just a good mood and exceptionally good music that deserves a larger audience, so go for a ride! But first, YPOFH-trommis and How is Annie-founder Morten Andre Samdal in our interview series: 5 about books and music.


1) What is the last one you read?

Fernando Pessoa – Uroen’s book. Because it was recommended by Gentleman Christian Kjelstrup. A unique piece everyone should read.

2) Which book would you like to make soundtrack to, and why? how would it be?

Died on credit by Céline, because it is cocaine in a good way. The style must have become frenetic fever fantasy screaming emo.

3) What is your favorite book?

Many candidates, but the little prince has always stood through thick and thin.

4) What is your favorite album?

Christie Front Drive – S / T (Stereo sound)

5) If you should start a band with an author, which would it be?

Jo Nesbø. Then we could finally have made some hits.